Multiply Your IT Skills : UI Academy is a place where education is not a mere  business , instead our business is to give you education thus we don’t endup in adding skills to your existing skill set rather we multiply your IT skills. 

Our Extensive Experience:  We have incorporated best practices from numerous consulting projects as well as twelve years of experience in the training and development industries into our online sessions content.

Stay on top of the latest technologies:
As our trainers are Microsoft Certified, you will enjoy the latest information and secrets on Microsoft Technologies.

Feedback:  We review every delegate feedback after each class and make the proper adjustments to enhance our training and the way we present it. Our instructors are constantly adding new innovative ways to deliver the sessions, thus you get the best from us among others.

Get More Knowledge in Less Time : Be with us for a maximum of 45 hours of your life, and we show you how our capabilities can become yours too.

Wide range of courses: UI Academy offers hundreds of IT courses to students, engineers, working professionals & others.

World-class education: UI Academy works hard to provide quality education to learners.

For this, the company:

Offers hundreds of job-oriented IT courses
Appoints trained & certified teachers to take classes
Provides lots of lab time for practice
Develops workplace skills in you

Affordable Fee Structure :
We provide all our IT training courses and programs with cost-competitive fee structures. We always emphasize on offering to give return on investment (ROI)  for the learners.

Domain Expert Trainers:Our trainers are highly motivated team players with strong business skills and extensive technical backgrounds.

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UIAcademy.co.in has hours of free IT training videos online for each course.
Watch these videos taken directly from our "Live Instructor-led training sessions.

These videos are exactly the same quality that you get if you purchase one of our courses.

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Client Testimonials

What really impressed me, is their "Day Wise Course Outlines" of MSBI 2019 Course.  So at the time of paying fee, I know, what  for I am paying for.  All topics that were put in "Course Outline" were covered and that too, in the same order.



Client Testimonials

"As a student, I look for trainers who can communicate their subject in an easily understood manner and at UIAcademy.co.in, I found their trainers just too good. I have learned MSBI 2019 at UIAcademy.co.in and this course fits my bill."

Tarun Reddy
New Delhi


Client Testimonials

" I enjoyed MSBI 2019 course at UIAcademy.co.in. So simple to listen to their trainers explanation and understand."

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